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The 1st of Firsts

Most people think all cats do all day long is eat and sleep, and I’m sick of it! It’s insulting to those of us felines who actually have an active life and enjoy new adventures on a regular basis. After all, with a brain as imaginative and restless as mine, who can honestly say I’m doing nothing when I’m sleeping? Half the time I’m far away ruling my own kingdom, and the other half I’m falling in love with my sugar daddy prince charming.

Still, people with zero imagination can’t possibly see that. So, in order to prove them wrong, me and sexy catmate Running X have decided to have a first every week. This is a recap of last week’s 1st of firsts.

Saturday, Jan 19th, 2013 – 1st stop: Wine and tapas

It’s not that easy, you know, finding the right kind of firsts for a Saturday night. You need to make sure you find something absolutely new to you in a city you’ve lived for the the past two and a half years. But, also, it has to be something interesting and, hopefully, good. So, where do you turn for ideas and help? Well, the internet, of course. Starting with blogs and pages of people you know.

X and I had discussed going to a late night club in Malasaña, so when I looked at the ‘eat & drink by barrio’ page of www.madridchow.com, Chueca seemed like a great place to start. And it totally was! Nice wine, great vibe, plenty of locals and one Currito tosta later we were very excited about our first 1st of the night.


El Bocaíto. Image taken from http://www.elbocaito.com

The main goal that night was to see a live band play. I guess being out of practice in that department played a somewhat important part in rendering our efforts fruitless. Be that as it may, we were determined to listen (and do a little dancing) to some music. Which is why we found ourselves at Café La Palma next.

I have to give all the credit to Running X for this one. Coolish club, free entrance, mature crowd and a new DJ to listen to.

Enter DJ Victor Santana. Self described as a guy who’s all about fighting the digital invasion, and who you’ll find carrying around his vinyls and focusing on what he calls ‘the physical side of music’.

DJ Victor Santana

DJ Victor Santana

Santana’s set was a pretty entertaining one, even during those awkward moments when he chose to play a little bit of 70s music. All in all good fun, part of the club’s unconventional atmosphere.

Speaking of unconventional… That’s exactly the word that comes to mind when I think about Absolut’s promotional stunt for it’s Citron vodka. Carnival masks, really tall girls in heels, faux crazy hair, and a drink designed to overthrow Spain’s favorite cocktail: the gin tonic.


Image taken from http://www.absolut.com

Words cannot describe how happy I am to have a newfound love for vodka. It’d been a really long time. I guess in my mind vodka was a young kitty’s signature drink. You know, perfect with fruity mixers. Cosmos, Sex on the Beach… They all brought back drunken memories of a hungover tween.

Needless to day, I have long overgrown the sweet drinks phase of my alcohol-filled adventures. I remember the day I bonded with rum and cokes, or Cuba Libres as we call them back home. ‘La mentirita’. It was love at first sip. I was happy to say I’d found my signature cocktail. The perfect combo of familiarity with a kick. We were meant to be. And then my human mom decided it was time for us to move to Spain.

The alcohol scene in Spain is, well, different. I think it’s safe to say there’s a shortage of options when it comes to spirits. The only Puerto Rican rum available is Bacardi, although that doesn’t come as a surprise. The Spanish don’t really get what Cuba Libres are. They call them rum and cokes. And when you ask for a slice of lime, they pour you a shot of a random lemon drink.

To be honest, I think I could’ve dealt with most of the above. Except, most of these rums have an unbecoming sweetness to them. Combined with the much sweeter Spanish Coca Cola, the taste becomes, for me, almost unbearable.

What seemed like a plausible solution? Have a different signature drink for each country. Which meant giving the Gin Tonic a fair shot.

Gin Tonics and I are not friends. Plain and simple. Every time we cross paths I end up with the worst possible hangover, including a massive headache. But the taste keeps drawing me back every single time. So when the mask-sporting, silly outfit-wearing Absolut promoters introduced me to the Absolut Citron vodka tonic, I was in heaven. Granted, this hardly constitutes an interesting first, but its discovery has definitely made cocktail hour more interesting for me.

On that happy note, X and I finished our1st firsts tour. Drinks and a little bit of dancing always make for a great Saturday night. Wouldn’t you agree?

Til the next time…

The Magnificent Madam Mims



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